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Jordan Redavid is one of the best criminal lawyers in Miami.  He is an unwavering advocate well known for his abilities both in the courtroom and his legal writing. Ever dedicated to the art of persuasion, he has made a career out of developing and employing creative litigation strategies to achieve desired results for his clients.

While many criminal attorneys call themselves “trial lawyers,” the legal community has come to know that Jordan Redavid actually is one.  He is revered for his willingness to take even the toughest cases to trial–and winning.  In a criminal justice that sees nearly 97% of charges resolving via plea bargain, Jordan Redavid stands out as one of the few criminal lawyers that actually tries cases.  That’s why he is well-known to be a top criminal defense lawyer in Miami.  While some attorneys won’t go to trial 20 times in their whole career, in his first year of practice alone, Jordan Redavid tried nearly 20 cases to verdict (the majority of which resulted in acquittals for his clients) and that trend continues today.  Because of that, Jordan Redavid has earned a fierce reputation as a tough trial lawyer, which comes with sense of legitimacy among prosecutors who realize that, if Jordan Redavid is the attorney of record, trial is not just an empty threat or bluff.  This has allowed him to obtain tremendous results for his clients–sometimes even before trial (using it as a powerful tool of negotiation).  It is this type of reputation that has earned Jordan Redavid the honor of being one selected of the 10 Best DUI lawyers in 2015, and an “Excellent” rating on

Jordan Redavid routinely handles all types of criminal matters in both state and federal court.  He is licensed to practice in all state courts in the State of Florida, as well as federal courts in the Southern District of Florida and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  As a Miami appeals lawyer, Jordan Redavid is well versed on filing direct appeals of state and federal criminal convictions, but also litigating other areas of post-conviction relief.  Few lawyers have the skills necessary to both convince juries to acquit a client, but if they don’t, convince an appellate court to reverse a conviction.  Jordan Redavid has the ability to do both.  He is experienced in seeking all forms of appellate review or other post-conviction relief.  He files Rule 3.850 motions and has successfully sought early release of convicted felons.  For example, in 2015, while still only midway through serving his 25+ year sentence, a career criminal was ordered to be conditionally released from prison after Jordan Redavid filed post-conviction relief on his behalf.  This was a truly rare (and unanimous) decision by the Florida Commission on Offender Review.

Prior to starting Garza & Redavid LLP, Jordan Redavid was an Miami criminal defense lawyer in the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office. He began as a certified-legal intern in the Felony Division where, although only a law student, he helped obtain an acquittal on all charges in his first jury trial. Jordan Redavid then transferred to the Appellate Division where, as a Miami Appeals Lawyer, he was responsible for researching, drafting, and filing initial briefs on appeal in both the Circuit Court and Third District Court of Appeal—appearing twice before the latter to present oral argument. He was also an integral part in filing a Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme Court of the United States.  A rare opportunity for most Miami Appeals Lawyers.  As a lawyer in the Misdemeanor Trial division,  he made daily appearances before the County Court judges in Miami, Florida, and represented hundreds of indigent clients accused of crimes ranging from DUI, Drug Possession, Weapons, Prostitution, Battery, Assault, Resisting an Officer, Trespass, and more.

Jordan Redavid is a three-time alumni of the University of Miami.  During law school, Roy Black, one of the nation’s preeminent criminal defense attorneys, awarded Jordan Redavid the “top student” award in his Criminal Evidence Workshop.   Jordan Redavid also received Honors and a Fellowship in the law school’s Criminal Litigation Skills program and was presented the Hon. Theodore Klein Scholarship. As it relates to appeals, Jordan Redavid won both the John T. Gaubatz and the ABA’s National Appellate Advocacy (Regional) Moot Court Competitions, and was a semi- and quarter-finalist in two other competitions.

Jordan Redavid believes deeply in the protections afforded by both our state and federal constitutions, viewing them as versatile precepts capable of preventing, or remedying, unlawful conduct by state and federal agencies, especially police officers. As a Miami Appeals Lawyer, he researches every case exhaustively to find any opportunity to either suppress or exclude evidence from trial or dismiss charges outright. For example, frustrated by the number of DUI clients facing enhanced penalties for either refusing to provide breath samples to police officers upon request, or, providing samples that the Intoxilyzer 8000 registered as above Florida’s legal limit (0.08 g/210L), Mr. Redavid developed a solution—one that, at the time, had never been argued in his jurisdiction. Using the Fourth Amendment and the “Unconstitutional Conditions Doctrine,” Mr. Redavid pioneered the challenges to the very underpinning of most DUI prosecutions, Florida’s Implied Consent Law, by asking courts around the State to declare it unconstitutional.

There is no criminal matter too big or small, too nuanced or complex, for Jordan Redavid.  He treats all of his clients’ cases as what they are: a top priority.  More than that, though, his clients have come to the unmistakable conclusion that he is the most dedicated criminal lawyer in Miami.  He always makes himself to his clients and their loved ones.  He prides himself on keeping in constant contact and ensuring that his strategic decision making is fully explained to his clients.  For this, his Clients provide him with excellent reviews and have shared that they think he is truly the best criminal defense lawyer in Miami.                     
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