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We believe in team work. Not just for attorney’s but also for our staff. When we go to trial, we also bring staff members for support. That way, our attorney’s are able to better focus on the presentation when it goes before the judge. Our commitment to teamwork helps to achieve our ability to give a more polished courtroom presentation. We also emphasize that our most important team member is the client. In all of our cases, you’ll have an attorney that is committed to representing your interests. We’ll also have a seasoned paralegal on your case the entire time. Each of our paralegals have been to trial with the assigned attorney many times over. They are familiar with how the Court operates and they assist your attorney in all phases of the litigation process. Our law firm we always have two sets of eyes watching everything in the case. No one is perfect and we know that so we strive to avoid mistakes in everything that we do. Those two sets of eyes are watching everything and we believe that this helps to prevent mistakes from happening. If someone on the team has a good idea, no matter which team member it is, we consider that idea. We discuss it and go over it with the client and determine if it will be worthwhile.                     
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  Attorneys & Legal ( Divorce Lawyers )
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